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2017 CABAA Type Rating Scholarship Recipient Hits V1 - "scholarship has been put to great use!"


I was a 2017 CABAA Type Rating Scholarship Recipient and went through CE-560XL SIC training in October. I am contacting you today with exciting news. Just yesterday I did three takeoff and landings in an XLS and can officially add the type to my certificate. They have offered me a position as a contract pilot flying on my days off as well!

The Citation training also helped me prepare for my January visit with Flight Safety International! I was typed on the Gulfstream IV on January 21st and have a full time GIV First Officer position with a 135 operator based in TN. 

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that the scholarship has been put to great use! Not only did it prepare me for GIV school, but I also get to fly the aircraft on a normal basis.

I hope all is well, Boiler Up!

Molly Van Scoy

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