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CABAA Continues Annual Scholarship and Mentoring Event

This month CABAA continues the tradition of hosting its annual Scholarship and Mentoring event in partnership with Lewis University.  As Business Aviation considers pilot shortages, CABAA is being more intentional than ever about identifying, developing and encouraging the next generation of Business Aviation superstars.  One meeting, one person, one conversation can make a significant impact.

Boeing2Take Mark Jackson, Director of the Boeing Executive Flight Operations, for example.  Through Mark’s role at CABAA, his company has availed tours of both their corporate hangar in Gary, IN and the Seattle-based Boeing Field Manufacturing facility to Lewis University Students.  Generous gestures such as this from a company such as Boeing land as prominent signals to students about opportunities and adventures available in Business Aviation.


According to Mark, “The opportunities available in aviation, far outnumber the students entering our business today.  Opening our doors here at Boeing provides a chance to share the diverse opportunities available including in business aviation.  Attracting the best team, talent and leaders is a core foundation here at Boeing.”

Air BP Corporate Sponsorship at the 2017 CABAA Golf OutingOther CABAA corporate members such as Grainger and Flight Safety have sponsored specific Scholarships (for Maintenance Training and SIC Training) to help cover the costs of a student’s aviation education. Faithful CABAA Members and Sponsors gave away seven $7,500 scholarships at our annual Golf Outing last month. 





You don’t have to be a Fortune 50 company to make an impact. Just taking time to identify and train people with talent can contribute to the overall health of our industry. For example, in 2003 Jaime LePine was looking for a marketing position and applied at Scott Air Charter, a small charter operator located at General Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee.  Jaime recalled, “Even though I did not have experience in aviation, Norah Lenardic must have identified my potential when she interviewed me and offered me the position a few days later. We continue to stay in touch over the years. She is such an inspiration to me and I treasure our conversations and her guidance. “ Jaime now works as Marketing Coordinator for B. Coleman Aviation.

One CABAA Meeting Changed the Course of a Career

One CABAA Mentoring meeting changed the course of an entire career.  While a student at Lewis University, Jennifer Pfeifer heard about the CABAA mentoring event.  “I expected nothing to come of it,” she noted, “but when Pam Kavanaugh from Signature Flight Support introduced herself to the group, I knew I wanted to introduce myself and ask her advice about jobs in business aviation.  Turns out that mentoring event was well worth it. Not only did I gain a job and career in aviation but also a good friend and colleague at Chicago Executive Airport.” Jaime LePine and Jennifer Pfeifer are both serving on the newly formed CABAA Communications Committee.

Some of our past scholarship winners started out as students and still attend CABAA, such as Scott Moran. “In 2004, I was honored to receive the much-needed financial support. That has been overshadowed by the relationships, mentoring and wisdom I have received over the last 13 years of being a CABAA member. CABAA is that invitation that allows aspiring students to pursue their passion in corporate aviation. My connections with CABAA have helped me to succeed at Jen Air over the last 11 years in my role as a Pilot and Assistant Director of Operations.”

The CABAA Annual Professional Aviation Mentorship Day takes place on September 22nd, 2017, from 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM at Lewis University.  --> Register Here <---

Katy Glynn is Vice President of JetLease Palm beach, the Chairman of the Chicago Area Business Aviation Association’s Communications Committee ( and a regular contributor to CABAA web content.

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