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Calendar CABAA Safety Day April 11, 2019
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Calendar "The Business of Business Aviation" May 16, 2019 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Calendar 2019 Networking Event with Keynote Speaker Brian Shul June 20, 2019 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

CABAA Continues Annual Scholarship and Mentoring Event

This month CABAA continues the tradition of hosting its annual Scholarship and Mentoring event in partnership with Lewis University.  As Business Aviation considers pilot shortages, CABAA is being more intentional than ever about identifying, developing and encouraging the next generation of Business Aviation superstars.  One meeting, one person, one conversation can make a significant impact.

Boeing2Take Mark Jackson, Director of the Boeing Executive Flight Operations, for example.  Through Mark’s role at CABAA, his company has availed tours of both their corporate hangar in Gary, IN and the Seattle-based Boeing Field Manufacturing facility to Lewis University Students.  Generous gestures such as this from a company such as Boeing land as prominent signals to students about opportunities and adventures available in Business Aviation.

The CABAA Educational Foundation 

CABAA has endeavoured over the years "to promote and advance the interest of Corporate Aviation through Educational Programs and Scholarships".

The CABAA Educational Foundation was created in 2006 as an IRS 501c3 Charitable Corporation to raise, manage and appropriate funds to programs in support of this goal.  The Foundation is run by a volunteer Board of Directors from CABAA's membership.

The Foundation's primary source of funds is proceeds from CABAA's Annual Golf Classic; and donations come from other sources as well.  The Foundation Board engages with an investment advisory team on a pro-bono basis to grow and protect the funds with safe, low-risk investment vehicles that offer sufficient liquidity.

The Foundation Board coordinates closely with the Scholarship and Mentoring Committee throughout the year to fund CABAA's education-related initiatives.  These include the Annual Scholarship Program, the CABAA/Flight Safety Professional Training Award, plus other programs aimed at raising interest in business aviation among high school, college and even grade school students.

The Foundation is seeking contributions to fund new programs and expand existing ones.  Please consider how you, your flight department or company could support CABAA's efforts to attract the best and brightest students to a career in business aviation, and help secure the future of the industry.  To contribute to the Foundation, please contact Jim Donath at 773-935-9871.

CABAA Educational Foundation Board

Jim Donath
Alan Farkas
Mark Jackson
Jeff Vines
George Yundt
arl Robst

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