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Detail Dawgs Second AMC Report

Both teams have a lot to be proud of this year.  They represented our School and sponsor well as several judges commented to me about the professionalism demonstrated during the competition and how they are the type of individuals we are looking to enter into our profession.  As of mid-morning on Wednesday we all had high hopes that we would be winning at least two events (Magneto Timing and Wheel and Brake removal and replacement). Unfortunately, our first place in both of these events did not hold.  The following are some pictures of those two events.













This the final steps of installing the wheel assembly.











Zac has finished the timing and is almost complete on the reassembly.













Zac and Mike installing the magneto and timing the engine

So with these two events we were under 30 seconds off the lead time. Feras also placed second in the oil analysis event.  Feras had a time that only 20 seconds slower than the lead.












Feras performing the Oil Analysis event.

Both teams worked very well together during the entire competition. Between events they shared things they learned about the events and helped prepare each other for up-coming events.

I have the final scores for each event and did a comparison with last year’s results.  Both teams were able to beat the total time from last year.  Teams 1 which had two members that competed last year, one member that attended the competition last year and two members that had not been to the competition before.  Team two was made of all first time competitors that were in the second semester. Last year our team needed to improve the overall time by 274.1 minutes.  Each team was able to improve the overall time by almost 200 minutes. Last year the team beat the average time on 7 events; this year team 1 beat the average time on 18 events and team 2 beat the average time on 12 events.  The overall improvements has made all the team members looking forward to next year.















The Team.

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