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Scholarships & Mentoring Committee

Brian Zankowski - Chair

Pam Kavenaugh - Chair

Alex Kwiatkowski

Bernie Burns

Alex Marks

Viviana Vargas

Travis Ammon

Steve Kowalski

Chuck Wilke

Stephanie Hlavacek

Jerome Cole


Scholarship Steering Committee

Greg Adams

Bernie Burns

Katy Glynn

Jennifer Gutherie

Stephanie Hlavacek

Mark Jackson

Alex Kwiatowski

Norah Lenardic

Joe Paterala

Mark Quandahl

Carl Robst

Dave Ufen

Guido Visconti

Charles Willke

George Yundt

Brian Zankowski


On behalf of the scholarship and mentoring committee, thank you for taking the time to consider a CABAA Scholarship. Each year CABAA distributes over $90,000 of scholarship funds in support of students achieving their academic and career goals. We offer financial scholarships for graduating high school students attending an aviation college and undergraduate college students. For graduating college seniors we offer various professional training awards to help the applicant get their “foot in the door”.

CABAA offers scholarships to promote professional development and business aviation careers. The CABAA Scholarship was established to encourage others to reach the highest level of achievement in their aviation studies. It is bestowed upon those who demonstrate a commitment and devotion to aviation, especially business aviation, in the tradition of the CABAA Scholarship.

The scholarship committee is actively promoting Business Aviation as a viable, interesting, and rewarding career on the campuses where our future job candidates are being trained. They facilitate a meaningful connection and an on-going relationship between willing and interested students and individual members of CABAA that are able to mentor the student candidate within their discipline or job function on varying levels of commitment.

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”
G. K. Chesterson

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