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Calendar Toys for Tots Holiday Party 2018 December 13, 2018 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Calendar Ed Bolen Event January 15, 2019
The Safety Committee exists to increase safety awareness and provide safety related educational opportunities for all CABAA members. This is accomplished primarily by planning and hosting the Midwest's premier business aviation safety event.
Wednesday, March 7 at the Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook, IL.
2018 Safety Committee:

Norah Lenardic (Chair), EJM
Carl Robst, BDT
Christa Mabry, McDonalds Aviation
Joe Kovarik, USAIG (retired)
Kelly Tolomeo, Flight Crews Unlimited
Kevin Kovarik, USAIG
Leah Lenardic, Business Aviation Insights
Perry Bridges, Textron
Ray Sauter, EJM

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