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                           11 apr 2019 SAFETY day presentations

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                                                                    SAFETY day 11 apr 2019


Top Left: Carl Robst, Chairman of the Chicago Area Business Aviation Association's (CABAA) Safety Committee addresses a Sold Out "Safety Day" crowd at McDonald's Hamburger University outside of Chicago. "We had tremendous audience engagement on key topics that are really hitting the business aviation industry nationally and locally," noted Robst. "These informative sessions will be posted on our new CABAA web site in May. We have a fantastic Safety Committee in place and we look forward to building on this success for next year."

Top Right Photo: Michael McGrory of Smith Amundsen and Steve Bruneau of Pulsar Informatics on deck to speak at the event.

Bottom Photo: Carl Robst and the CABAA Safety Committee including Kevin Kovarik, Joe Kovarik, Joe Paterala, Leah Lenardic, Norah Lenardic, Christa Mabry, Marc Pozdol, Cliff Lee, Eric Warning, Kelly Tolomeo and 9 student volunteers.

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