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Hawthorne Global Opens at PWK 26 March 2014 Written by Sandy Frentz Hits: 376
Ed Bolen Visits CABAA 26 March 2014 Written by Sandy Frentz Hits: 347
Chicago Executive Airport Plays Critical Role 16 April 2009 Written by Laura Witlox Hits: 1274
Foam Fire Suppression System Requirement 22 January 2009 Written by Eric R. Byer Hits: 1577
McPier Eyes Chopper Service 15 December 2008 Written by Robert Herguth Hits: 1269
Chicago Class B Airspace Meetings 08 December 2008 Written by Anne Hulsey Hits: 1185
FAA Class B Meetings 23 September 2008 Written by Anne Hulsey, Hits: 1108

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The Illinois Aviation Trades Association introduced SB1280, sponsored by Senator James Clayborne. This bill have a profound impact by making Illinois' General Aviation community more competitive with surrounding states. This bill will be heard Wednesday March 25th at 3:00pm.

April 2-Airport Informational, DuPage
April 23-Safety Day, Glenview
May 14-Vertiport, Chicago
June TBD Maintenance or
July TBD Bombardier 
August 11-Golf, Kildeer
September-Lewis, Romeoville
December 17-Holiday Party, Rosemont