Scholarships & Mentoring

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”
G. K. Chesterson

CABAA Scholarship

The CABAA Scholarship committee is tasked with identifying and selecting exceptional and deserving Illinois resident students that are enrolled at any institution providing college level courses and preparing for a career in Business Aviation with a degree or career as a pilot, maintenance technician, aviation administrator, ATC, dispatching and other approved aviation fields.  The committee then nominates these students to the CABAA Board or Foundation Board for consideration for the award of monetary aid or scholarships to further their education.  Scholarships are then awarded and presented to the recipient at the annual CABAA Golf Classic.

Mentoring Program

The mentoring program is to facilitate a meaningful connection and on going relationship between willing and interested students and individual CABAA Members that are able to mentor the student candidate within their discipline, or job function.   From late night homework questions to summer internships, the CABAA mentor has a varying level of commitment.  A focus of the Scholarship and Mentoring committee is to encourage and recruit CABAA members to give encouragement and guidance to each and every student that requests it.  It is up to the existing work force of business aviation to continue and pass along the passion and spirit of our industry!

2016 Scholarship Committee

Bernie Burns - Chair - SC Aviation
Brian Zankowski - Co-Chair - Abbott Laboratories
Cecil Barbato - Co-Chair - The Duchossois Group
Steven Kowalski - Member - IFR Charter/Textron Aviation
Viviana Vargas - Member - Priester Aviation
Charles Wilke - Member - Allstate Insurance Company
Guido Visconti - Member - Allstate Insurance Company
Karyn Wojick - Member - Aviation Advisor
Stephanie Hlavacek - Member - JD Norman Inustries
Alex Kwiatkowski - Member - Bank Note

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